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How to Draw a Cartoon Fox
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How to draw a cartoon arctic fox part 2. Jump to part one if you came to this page first! In part two you will complete your arctic fox drawing by using shapes to do draw the fox's upper body, lower body and legs. Lindsay shows you how to refine and detail your drawing and finally how to color your drawing of a fox.

Cartoon Fox

Now let's continue with the "How to Draw a Cartoon Fox"
step by step drawing tutorial.

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Fox Head - Step 5:
Extend the top and sides of the head shape to suggest more fur. At the top of the head, sketch two triangular ears. Next, draw a pair of oval-shaped eyes along the horizontal guideline of the face. Between the eyes, draw the muzzle extending outward. Draw the lower jaw opening in a smile.

How to Draw a Cartoon Fox Step 3

Fox Lower Body- Step 6:
Draw another egg shape for the fox's torso. Sketch a center guideline. Then draw the pelvis and legs, the right leg kicking up, and the left stretching down.

How to Draw a Cartoon Fox Step 4

Fox Drawing Details Step 7:
Sketch a large fluffy tail from the fox's rear, curving with the line of action. Add pads to each of the fox's toes, and one larger pad beneath those. Then add short claws. Detail the fox's eyes with irises, and add nostrils to the nose. Almost done!

How to Draw a Cartoon Fox Step 5

Fox - Refine your Drawing - Step 8:
Tighten and darken your lines. Use broken lines to indicate the fox's dense fur, especially the tail, chest, cheeks, and inner ear. Erase any construction guidelines. Fill in the nose, eyes, and paw pads with pencil shading.

How to Draw a Cartoon Fox Step 6
Cartoon Fox Color - Step 7:
In the winter, Arctic foxes are white, or sometimes blue-gray. To give the character a feeling of warmth and excitement, I substituted white with a creamy yellow, and used a red-purple for the shadows. Apply some of the color with jagged strokes to give the fox a furry texture.
How to Draw a Cartoon Fox Step 6

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Congratulations you have finished this online art lesson,
"How to Draw a Cartoon Fox!"

Great Job!

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