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How to Draw a Cartoon Hippo

A hippo would be a great part of a jungle safari drawing,  If you want to know how to draw a hippo, artist Don Howard has easy step by step instructions for you to follow.  This hippopotamus cartoon is easy to draw -- I know you can do it! 

Cartoon Hippo

You probably know Gloria and Moto-Moto from Madagascar, and Tasha from the Backyardigans, but way back in 1953 there was a song called “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”.  Ask your Grandpa if he knows that one!  In Disney’s Fantasia, there was a hippopotamus who was a ballerina, probably because underwater, these huge creatures are really very graceful.  They have webbed toes, which makes them agile swimmers, and can hold their breath for up to five minutes!  How long can you hold your breath?

Hippos are large mammals that spend most of their day in the water because they live in the hot climates of Africa near the equator.  If you look at Don Howard’s picture, you’ll notice that the nose, ears and eyes are on top of its head!  That’s so they stick up out of the water while the rest of it’s body can be under the cool water.  You may not even see the hippo laying there, but it can smell you, hear you, and see you coming!  They rest in the water during the day, but go on land to eat grass and leaves at night when it’s cool.  Then, when the sun rises, they head back to the cool water again.  Hippos are big!  They grow to 15 feet long!  Only the rhinoceros and the elephant are bigger than the hippo!

People have been drawing and carving hippos for a long time.  Almost 4000 years ago, the Egyptians worshiped a hippo-headed goddess named Tawaret, who protected women in pregnancy and childbirth because the Egyptians noticed how protective a female hippo was of her baby.  Rock paintings, drawings were common in Egypt. 

This happy cartoon hippopotamus is a fun, easy drawing project.  Draw one for your own notebook, and then make another one for a friend, or family member who needs a smile.  You could write a caption underneath that says:  Hip!  Hip!  Hooray!  I’m glad you’re my friend!  ~ Andrea Thoenes

Now let's get started with How to Draw a Hippo "Cartoon Hippopotamus!"


Drawing 1:


Cartoon Hippo 1

Drawing 2:


Cartoon Hippo 2

Drawing 3:


Cartoon Hippo 3

Drawing 4:


Cartoon Hippo 4

Drawing 5:


Cartoon Hippo 5

Drawing 6:


Cartoon Hippo 6

Congratulations you have finished this art lesson,
"How to Draw a Hippopotamus!"

Great Job!

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