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How to Draw a Cartoon Polar Bear
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How to draw a polar bear part 2. Jump to part one if you came to this page first! In part two you will complete your polar bear drawing by using shapes to draw the polar bear's upper body, lower body and powerful legs. Lindsay shows you how to refine and detail your drawing and finally how to color your drawing of a polar bear.

Cartoon Polar Bear

Now let's continue with the "How to Draw a Cartoon Polar Bear"
step by step drawing tutorial.

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Polar Bear front legs - Step 3:
Curving around the neck, draw the bear's large, muscular shoulders. From the shoulders, draw the arms, divided into upper and forearm segments. Then add the paws.

How to Draw a Bear Step 3

Polar Bear Head - Step 4:
Draw an oval eye resting on the horizontal guideline of the face. Above the eye, sketch his brow bumping out from the top of the head. Place the ear towards the back of the head, also on the horizontal guideline. From the center point of the bear's face, sketch a rectangular muzzle, then add a nose and fierce mouth.

How to Draw a Bear Step 4

Polar Bear Drawing Tutorial Step 5:
Draw a barrel shape for the rest of the polar bear's torso. Then build up the pelvis and hind legs.

How to Draw a Bear Step 5

Polar Bear Drawing Tutorial Step 6:
Divide each of the paws into five individual toes. Sketch a curved claw in the center of each toe. Then detail the bear's eye with the iris.

How to Draw a Bear Step 6
Cartoon Polar Bear Details - Step 7:
Tighten and darken your lines. Use broken lines to fluff up the bear's elbows, wrists, and body. Erase any construction guidelines. Fill in his nose and eyes with pencil shading.
How to Draw a Bear Step 6
Color Your Cartoon Polar Drawing - Step 8:
Now to color your fierce ice bear. Interestingly, polar bear fur appears white, but is actually transparent. Bring out the bear's volume with a shadow tone. Uses blues for a cold, serious mood. Creamy yellows are another option. Add some jagged strokes for furry texture and you’re done!
How to Draw a Bear Step 6

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Congratulations you have finished this online art lesson,
"How to Draw a Cartoon Polar Bear!"

Great Job!

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