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Draw Geometric Shapes

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How to Draw Geometric Shapes

Can't draw a straight line? Artists' secret revealed! I have been an artist for over 25 years and I can't either. Frankly, I don't know an artist who can. Besides, straight lines are highly overrated. There are virtually no straight lines in nature and curves and zig zags and found in our natural world are far more interesting anyway.Granted there are times when drawing a straight line comes in handy though. If you want to learn how to draw 3d perspective, how to draw  a house, how to draw stairs, how to draw a door or how to draw a window, a ruler will do the trick nicely. OOOPS, I just gave away the secret. 

Oh well, now you know.. Artists use rulers for straight line drawings. They use french curves to draw arcs, perhaps a plate or glass from the cupboard to draw a sun or moon.

Easy Star Shape Drawing from the Letter "A"
If you can draw the letter A, you can draw a star shape! It's Easy to Draw a Star Shape! A fun simple star shape lesson for kids.Smart Art Institute Online Lesson MT101 - Categories: Graphic Design School, Kids Art ClassesAcademy of Art University Prep., Graphic Design Colleges Prep., Drafting Schools Prep.

How to Draw A Star!
Learn to How to Draw a 5 -point Star step by step, you'll be amazed at how quickly your star drawing takes shape and you will use a wee bit of math in the process .HTDAPS Art Institute Online Lesson MT102 - Categories: Graphic Design School, Kids Art ClassesAcademy of Art University Prep., Graphic Design Colleges Prep., Drafting Schools Prep.

Where ever did we get this notion that we had to draw everything without tools?  A chef gets to use pots and pans and a recipe book, a musician gets to use an instrument and sheet music and an artist gets to use artists tools and reference images. Another thing all artist share in common is that they benefit from good instruction, encouragement, and lots of practice.

You can Draw Geometric Shapes!

Trust me, you really can draw well with a little instruction! We just need to clear up some misconceptions and get you started with simple steps to draw basic shapes. You can learn  how to draw an oval, how to draw a square, how to draw circle, draw a triangle. You get the picture right. - You can use the ruler for the straight lines!  these basic shapes can be used as the foundation for all you future drawings. Drawing with shapes is a fantastic way to learn drawing, its a fantastic way to establish proportion, composition and volume in your artwork.

so if you are ready to whip your drawing skills int shape. (Corny, I know) let's get to work!

Have fun learning How to draw 3D shapes and draw three-dimensional geometric shapes,

Pick a Lesson and let's get our drawings into shape!

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Here is a link to a list of shapes to help you Draw Geometric Shapes

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