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How to Draw a Cat in Pencil


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In this lesson, Cheri teaches you how to draw a cat in pencil! A complex drawing of a cat is made easy through step-by-step instructions. This drawing of a graceful cat will impress all of your friends, and is the perfect thing to go on a card or a note, especially for cat-lovers! Customize your drawing by giving the cat stripes or adding color. Up for a bigger challenge? Try drawing the cat laying down, or chasing a ball of yarn!


How to Draw a Cat in Pencil

This Lesson Teaches:

  • Drawing with Shapes

Suggested Drawing Supplies:

  • Drawing Paper
  • Pencils and Markers for Coloring

1. Setting the Placements
Begin your cat by drawing a circle for the head, and shape for the body. These will help us place the facial features and the limbs.

Cat in Pencil 01

2. Adding Legs
For step two, draw two lines, one horizontal and one vertical, for the placement of the eyes, nose and mouth. Sketch out the legs. Don't worry about getting these perfect.

Cat in Pencil 02

3. Face
Using the guide lines, draw the cat's eyes, nose, mouth and chin. Shape the head and cheeks, adding ears to the top of the cat's head.

Cat in Pencil 03

4. Shaping
Shape the rest of the body. Add toes, and a tail. Notice the way that the elbows bend slightly inwards.

Cat in Pencil 04

5. Erasing
Take an eraser, and erase all of the placement lines that we used in the beginning steps. Leave the lines that you drew in steps three and four. Your cat should start to look complete!

Cat in Pencil 05

6. Shading
For extra effect, shade in the cat's body. Pay close attention to the angles where the cat's body would be in the dark, such as the stomach, neck, and under the arms. This shading will also give the illusion that the cat has fur. Add whiskers to the cat's cheeks.

Cat in Pencil 06

7. Floor
For the last step, add a floor, where the cat is sitting, and a shadow beneath the cat. Sign your name, and your drawing is complete!

Cat in Pencil 07

Video Lesson by Cheri Crawford

Watch and follow along as Cheri shows you how she created this amazing cat in pencil drawing.

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