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Draw Like Cheri Crawford

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Cheri CrawfordDream Big!

Cheri Crawford's advice to young artists.

I encourage everyone with the words my uncle encouraged me: "Dream Big!"

Observation is the best teacher. Instead of learning to draw what you see, learn to see what you are trying to draw.

I've always been drawing, since I could hold a drawing utensil, whether it was a crayon or magna-doodle. Today, my three-year old follows the same suit (which is so adorable!). I loved to draw Disney cartoons such as Ariel, Ursula, Cinderella, and lots of shoes and dresses. My parents had stacks upon stacks of printed-on paper that they would give to me to draw on the blank side. I seem to recall getting into frequent arguments with Mom and Dad about cleaning up the littered drawings off the floor...

From elementary all the way through to my Senior year of High School, many a homework page would be embellished with an idle scrawl of fanciful characters, intricate designs, and value studies. This would elicit a wide myriad of responses from, "Oh wow, that is so amazing!" to "You. Detention.." One year I actually forced myself to stop drawing so I could focus better on my schoolwork. This proved to be most detrimental to my natural abilities and my soul. My confidence and skills took several years to recover, therefore I highly advise against any such art withdrawal. Interestingly enough, I recently discovered an article that revealed the benefits of doodling, such as increased mental clarity. This has given me great relief, as I now realize that I wasn't such a dunderhead after all. ~ Cheri Crawford

Painitngs by Cheri (Cheryl Crawford)

Inspired by Edward Cullen Lady Liberty Cartoon Chickens
Edward Cullen Art Lady Liberty Cartoon Chickens

Cheri Crawford's Fine Art America Gallery

My artistic pursuits have spanned across the United States, under tutelage of several professionals from college campus studios to the outdoor wildernesses of the American West. I've taken Core Studio courses at the prestigious Ringling College of Art and Design and learned practical art application with Full Sail University's Computer Animation program. My mother and I have travelled to various workshops to draw and sculpt horses, paint elusive wildlife, and capture the glorious landscapes of Wyoming on canvas from direct observation, a.k.a. “plein air" painting. The most influential workshop I have attended was the Susan K. Black Foundation's 5th Annual Workshop in Dubois, Wyoming. There I met all levels of artists from many backgrounds. It was loads of fun and I even took home a prize, the Founder's Purchase Award!

I am constantly inspired by other artists' work. Such artists include fantasy illustrators John Howe, Frank Frazetta, and the twin brothers Greg and Tim Hildebrandt. My favorite classical painters are Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Peter Paul Rubens.

My favorite subjects to draw are human and animal figures. I like using energetic movement and all sorts of color applications. I thrive off of history, cultural variety, and storytelling. Making the subjects I draw and paint appear as fresh and appealing to the senses as if it is happening in real time is my greatest artistic passion. ~ Cheri Crawford

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