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How to Draw an Open Rose

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In this lesson, learn how to draw an open rose´╗┐! Cheri teaches how to drawn a beautiful red rose step by step! Through step by step instructions, drawing a rose will be a breeze. This rose is the perfect thing to draw for someone you love, or just for fun! Add this rose to a drawing of a garden, or outside of a secret cabin. See how many different colors of roses you can draw!


This Lesson Teaches:

  • Drawing with Shapes

Suggested Drawing Supplies:

  • Drawing Paper
  • Pencils and Markers for Coloring

1. Setting the Placements
Begin your rose by drawing a large "U" for the base, and connecting a circle on top of it. This will mark the base and the opening of the rose.

Open Rose 01

2. Starting the Petals
For step two, start the opening petals by drawing a "V" inside of the base. Connect some petals at the top of the "V".

Open Rose 02

3. Petals and Stem
Next, Add the middle section of the rose! This is done by adding a flared rectangle, with a tiny rosebud inside. Pay attention to the subtle curves while you draw the rosebud. The way the petals overlap gives the illusion that the petals are layered. Add the stem and leaves at the bottom of the rose.

Open Rose 03

4. Add Some Detail

Add another leave and some decorative things to make the flower more elegant.

Open Rose 04

5. Inking
Once you have drawn everything in pencil, take a pen, marker or sharpie and trace over the lines you wish to keep! Pay close attention to the lines that overlap. Make sure you don't trace over the placement lines that were set in the beginning.

Open Rose 05

6. Erasing
Next, erase all of the pencil lines! Make sure you give a few moments for the ink to dry before you start erasing.

Open Rose 06


Finally, color your rose! I chose a bright pink, but you could chose any color! The stem and leaves should be green. Once your rose is colored, sign your name in the corner, and you're done!!

Congratulation! - you have finished the "How to Draw an Open Rose" online drawing lesson.

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