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How to Draw Bubbles Step by Step

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You can draw bubbles step by step with a pencil. Follow along with this simple lesson and you willlearn how. Bubbles are fun things to draw for kids. You may also want to try to draw your name in bubble letters! Have fun with ths lesson!

How to Draw Roses 16

Whether you are creating an underwater scene, sketching a fizzy glass of soda
or just doodling in the margins of your notebook, bubbles are a useful thing to
know how to draw. Grab a pencil and paper towel or blending stump and get ready to
draw bubbles in 6 easy steps.

Now let's get started with the How to Draw Yellow Roses
step by step drawing tutorial.

Roses Drawing Tutorial Part 1:
Draw some circles. They don't have to be perfect circles. In fact, they look more interesting if they aren't. Let them overlap one another in places and be sure to make them in all sorts of different sizes.

How to Draw Roses 2

Roses Drawing Tutorial Part 2:
Make a reflection at the top of each bubble. Your reflection can be any shape you choose, but make sure that you put the same shape in each bubble. I chose to put a little cirle next to a rectangle on each of mine.

How to Draw Roses 3
Roses Drawing Tutorial Part 3:
On the side of the bubble opposite of the reflection marks, darken the edge of the circle with your pencil in the shape of a crescent moon..
How to Draw Roses 3

Roses Drawing Tutorial Part 4:
Using a blending stump or a rolled up piece of paper towel, start blending your pencil marks across your bubble so that they get lighter as you go up towards the top. Make sure not to blend into those reflection marks! Those stay white.

How to Draw Roses 4

Roses Drawing Tutorial Part 5:
Just in case you have blended your original circle lines a little too much, go ahead and darken those with your pencil.

How to Draw Roses 5
Roses Drawing Tutorial Part 6:
If you want, add in a background by shading with your pencil and blending with your paper towel. You can add in dark oval shapes below each bubble for a shadow if desired.
How to Draw Roses 6

Congratulations you have finished this online art lesson,
"How to Draw Bubbles Step by Step!"

Great Job!

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