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Pamela Wang's Advice to Young Artists

No one is born with talent. Talent is born through interest and pursuit. If you have the drive, the passion and practice, you will be a talented artist! Keep dreaming, keep practicing, and keep learning. You will succeed in your artistic endeavors! Oh yes, and get rid of that ego. ;-)

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About the Artist

Drawing has always been an interest of mine as far as I can remember. I remember loving cartoons so much and wanting to somehow make the characters I saw on tv become more real to me.


For whatever reason, drawing my favorite cartoon characters made me feel more a part of their world. I continued drawing and sketching my favorite cartoon and video game characters though out my teenage years. I was obsessed with perfecting each character. If it wasn’t right, I would tear up the paper, throw it in the trash, and start all over. (I did say practice, practice, practice didn’t I?)

By my junior year in high school, I was finally able to take an art class. I was introduced to painting and other art mediums besides pencil, markers, and color pencil. I also learned about other forms of art besides the cartooning I taught myself. This led me to go to college to get a degree in studio art and a degree in 3D graphics.

After going to school for art, I have an even greater appreciation for art. I now love sharing everything I’ve learned to others who feel the need to create and make the things they love real to them.

I’m currently a freelance artist and do illustrations for children’s books, paintings, and graphics for client’s projects.

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